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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ok, so was rushing home last night to get to Argos and buy a guitar stand, managed it with seconds to spare, then trapsed home after picking up the DJ kit, heavily laden. Then I was due to get in, boss some food on, set up the decks, fire out a mix and then blog all about Reading.

My housemate called me when I was but minutes from home.

I went to the pub and got drunk didn't I?


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Legal Highs

Ok, so here: you'll find a description of what caffeine can do to you. I don't take any drugs that haven't been socially accepted or legalised. ie. I drink and I do coffee. I don't smoke, but that's because I don't like it. Alcohol and Caffeiene are crap drugs really, they are expensive, take ages to do anything to you, cause all kinds of health problems (but they take ages to do that). Basically, I feel I can control them, and that's important...
But that caffeine thing in that link.... scary...


READING was amazing!

So many stories and photos to put up here for all to see... what a genius weekend.

Oh man! How great was it! The tunes, the bands, the stories, the people, the sunshine, the beautiful wonderful expereince... the riots the randoms, the madness, the sheer sense of perfect brilliance.


Yeah it did!

More soon...

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Bring it on! Off to the Reading Festival tonight. Photos and updates from Tuesday! I can't wait. It's my brithday present from my sister and I've waited months for it! It's the last blast of the summer and completes my Glastonbury/Global Gathering/Reading hat trick.

Rock on!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's hot milk & burnt beans damnit!

So, yes I'm getting used to the fact that a latte is more expensive than a pint of lager. I mean, seriously, a grande verti or whatever is what, 16oz? Isn't taht about a pint? And aren't they approaching £3 (more in $tarbuck$). That's crazy! Do people realise they're ordering a pint of coffee?

Soon we'll be getting it draught in the local. In fact I'm sure there are many that already do it. And shots of coffee, or "expresso" as it's known. Well they're everywhere, and I know I can get vodka cheaper. I bet we'll soon be ordering an "expresso vodka" as the description enters the venacular. Maybe we'll even start navigating by coffee houses rather than pubs.
And seriously, this observation and subsequent "how did that happen" rant is based soley on the fact that a Tesco near me now has a label on the coffee jars that says "these products are security protected". What next? Are we going to get the "hard-stuff" like Alta Rica behind the counter?

Anyhow, I'm off for a latte. Anyone lend me a fiver?

Monday, August 22, 2005


Ok cool!
So tonight I am going to go and finish off a track with my buddy zer0dB. Should be ace. We are so close to finishing this tune we've been working on for ages. It's also in the right style for all the stuff taht people are digging right now. Test copies are playing out ok, some tweaks are needed to the structure to get the right feel in the mix and to add more punch to the second half. I'm up for cutting down and making it shorter. Run in, rob the place, get out. Leave em reeling.

It's called "It Pops". I hope that in a few months you'll be shaking your ass to it.

Last night was fun, I was a lonely alcoholic at the Reddy, but it was a good time. Caught up with my new friends and yeah, I had a dance and a drink. I'll be there again in a couple of weeks, but next weekend it is the Reading Festival!!


Oooohhh... J-Star "High On Emotion"... Tune! I think it's the same as Thomas Falke "High Again" as they sound identical. Probably psuedonyms and aliases and record label wars. Whatever, it's huge, samples Chris de Burgh and we love it. You know I'm the man.


Sunday, August 21, 2005


Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso present General Moders "Cross The Sky". It's the best new house tune in ages. I love it. The energy, the build up the downright sex that this tune throws at you. It builds and builds and the vocal makes no damn sense, then just as the strings hit that crescendo, just as it's all about to kick off the vocal clicks into place - "I... cross the sky.." - there's a reverse build for a split second everything goes quiet - like the classic punch in Dj Quiksilver's "Belissima" and the bass line drops... OH WHAT A BASS LINE.

It's just so frickin' good. I wanna go dance!



Redback tonight. bring it on.

Dj'd a party last night... Gotta love playing all kinds of mashed up stuff, finished with N-Trance -"Set U Free", just because it's the best way to end a party.

Friday rocked too. God I bought good records this week.

Man. Cross the Sky. Need to hear it again. Now!

Friday, August 19, 2005

I've started so I'll finish

A few jars after work.

The Walkabout.


Fresh coffee stains on the carpet.

A sore head.

A hazy memory.

My body hates me.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sort it out

Note to self: sort it out!

I Dj. I love music, so why is this blog so devoid of all the music I listen to daily? Hmmmm.
Well, today I am all excited about Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine "Dr Pressure" which I am going to drop on Friday. It's a mash up of "Dr. Beat" by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine and Mylo's "Drop the Pressure". I always build up to "Drop the Pressure", so to cut in with the vocal is gonna be ace. I just gotta remix the version I have because it's only a radio edit, so I'm gonna cut it up with the original to make it a bit more mix-friendly. For those who don't know... Djs like to have a good minute or so of beats at the begginning and end of a track that build in and breakdown so that we can subtly blend the beats and keep the groove going all night long...

Other good new tunes include Airbiscuit "Lately" and J Star "High on Emotion", plus I am gonna follow up the genius Peter Mwanga "Enya" with another similar tip... Africanism - "Sye Bwa". Tune.

In fact here's what I bought today!

DON BOSCO - Cherry Girl
HIDDEN LOGIC presents LUMINARY - Wasting
J STAR - High On Emotion
JUAN MAGAN - Love 2 Kiss U
MIDDLE MAN - Voodoo Ray
KEO NOZARI - Close Enough

I am gonna definitely rock the bar this Friday... oh *hell* yes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

1000 Words

The Redback! For those who just don't know, it's an Australasian bar in Acton, West London. It is home to one of the best nights out in the world. It's a great Sunday session and there's never a bad moment in there. The atmosphere rocks. It's always dark, it's lit by Red Neon, the music pumps, the beer flows, there's live bands and eclectic mix of the insane and the beautiful, a fierce anticipation, a crazy drink fuelled sensation... free barbeques on Sundays, 2 bands, I love it I love it I love it...

This is us enjoying the Sunday just gone!

Kirsty (housemate), Haze (lil sis), Victoria (lovely bartender who makes dangerous cocktails!)

The Looney Tunes! The closing band every Sunday - they rock... This was taken during the closeout solo from The Cranberries' tune "Zombie"

And this is me not drinking, not moshing and not having a good time

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I just like to call...

Oh how good is dance music at the moment? With my doing up the new room I just keep digging out all my old records and whacking them on the decks. It makes me so happy to have the decks setup in the room again... 1700 vinyl, 400 CDs, 18000 mp3s - I got the music s-o-r-t-e-d! Pics coming soon. Anyhow been out a whole lot recently seeing Ferry Corsten, Jules, Max Graham, Tiesto, Junior Jack, Mylo and loads more at Global Gathering and saw Mike Monday at the Egg too. Oh man I'm loving it. Plus the coverage from the Radio 1 Ibiza weekend is fantastic! Tongy's show rocks... and I've been going on about it for ages and ages... Dave McCullen "B*tch" is a TUNE.

I.... just wanna call you my bitch!


Monday, August 15, 2005


Back once again...

Hello campers!

I return - and what a hiatus! It's been ages and ages since I graced these pages with new content. Why? Well, lots of things really. New house, new job... and losing internet access! My old company started blocking, so my work-time updates were quashed. Then at home I was sorting out a move to a new flat and I had to disconnect the computer from the internet. Leaving it "lost in the middle of the ocean"... poor hapless sap. Plus it was my flatmate's connection and he cancelled it.
So then it took ages to get back online in the new place... plus I started a new job. But that's OK. It's cool. I love it! It's a pleasure to go to work in the morning.
And I have blogger access! So yay! More posts on the way I think. Including one of the greatest night out stories of recent times... You're gonna love it. Long time.
Ok peeps well I better get on with my day, hope yours is lovely.
Take it easy!

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