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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The New Adventures of Batman

Episode 3: Batman gets drunk at The Redback with his sidekicks "School Girl" and "Kid From Fame"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lissie's Blog

Smile, but don't Gurn.


Monday, November 21, 2005

Liquid Breakfast

So anyway, quote of the weekend goes to the lovely Clara. Seated, as we were, in the pub on Saturday afternoon, watching rugby, she turns to me and observes my choice of beverage. We'd been there about an hour. We'd arrived to watch the England-All Blacks game, and chosen our first meal of the day to be served by our hosts, the Drayton Court, Ealing. I chose wisely: a cheese and smokey bacon burger, Clara was more traditional, picking the ham and brie ploughman's. Both of us had opted for Carling as the first brewed liquid with which to enjoy the opening mouthfuls of our inagural Saturday sustenance.

A repeat trip to the bar became necessary after the first pint was sunk. The food was quaffed and a suitable dessert - nay a bridge to the afternoon - was required. I opted to consume Grolsch, and the young lady was steadfast on the Carling.

Noticing my new choice she pondered why I might have opted for a slightly more premium and arguably much finer lager for the relaxing post-grub accompaniament. She made her observations, considered both drinks and commented:

"Well, I suppose Carling is more of breakfast pint."

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Big "iO"

Come again?

Now your romantic playlist will have a real buzz about it. I predict sales of Hed Kandi CDs will shoot all over, sorry, straight to the top of the sales charts this Christmas.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Camera Toss (The Blog)

Noticed this blog today using Blogger's recommended links. Really inspiring stuff - I really enjoyed all the pictures. Hope you'll stop by and then give it a shot, I know I will be throwing my camera about to see if I can get results as nice as some of these.

Nice eye candy for a lazy Friday morning.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Well, some of you have been after the pics for a little bit.

Well now you can check Hazel's blog for the party post!

It was good night. I especially enjoyed the chance to DJ some tunes - we converted my room into a mini club. I set up half my PA system and put up lights and a smoke machine. We also had the full dual CD, dual vinyl decks with all the effects and access to my entire music collection, which is 2000 vinyl, 600 CDs and some 19,000 MP3s...

Rock on.

Tunes of the night from me included Sacha & Emmerson "Scorchio", Barthezz "On the Move", Rasmus Faber "Get Over Here (Axwell Mix)" and Vengaboys "Kiss (Airscape Mix). Dave dropped some great tunes, half of which I couldn't name!

Here's to the next one.

New from Google

Ok, so I went to the Google homepage this morning and found that in the top right corner was a "Personalise" option.

It rocks. I now have a customised portal as my homepage, complete with the ability to add any RSS feeds I want. And that's exactly what I've wanted for ages - an online RSS agregator. Thanks Google, nice work.

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