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Friday, January 21, 2005


Ok, so why have I been quiet? Well, I upgraded my computer.

When I say upgraded, or fixed, or improved, or anything like that, what I actually mean is that I fiddled with it when it was working perfectly, broke it, took it apart, fiddled, got it working then had to spend a week putting back to how it was before having a "great" idea on how to improve it some more.

I also had something called work to do during the hours when I'd normally update my blog, and damnit - it was Christmas! I promise more updates soon, including all about why blogs can hurt your balls, the fun of mail order, who the real love of my life is, why I am a geek and how I set out to prove it with some multicoloured lights. I'll also try to think of some old classic anecdotes to reel out, and I'll post some cool video clips and shiznat just as soon as I can. In the meantime, get yourself prepped and ready.

Oh, and I just heard: today the breasts are in, and causing our favourite transvesitite boss considerable pleasure, as secret smiles have been observed.

I can only assume that a new set was bought for Chrimbo, possibly made out of some cooling and sensual silicon filled latex that feels good against the skin.

Either that or he's wearing stockings.

Girls in sexy underwear can't help but smile to themselves can they? All smug in the knowledge that (although you don't know it and can barely tell) under that plain blouse and sensible skirt a lingerie set born of passionate, ravenous lust and firey respect for the timeless allure of the femine form resides in shadowed splendour. Its intricate lace and boned support carving out perfect lines, like smooth sweeps of a painters brush - drawing in flesh and fabric perfect curves and creases, sweet rosed skin framed in neatly stitched weaves of cotton and silk and satin, concealing still softer, still warmer, still more secret pleasures....

I'm typing out loud again aren't I?

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