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Monday, January 30, 2006

February 3rd: Virus Doom

Word of caution, download this and check you're not infected.

And back yourself up - this one is an old-school virus: it wants to wipe your files...

And it wants to do it on the 3rd of the month.

Be safe cyberheads!

Pick 'n' Mix Beer

I like Beer. MMMMMmmmmmmmm.

God is a Dj

There you are, trying to cross a tricky road when God spots an opportunity...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Come on Sony, catch up with the World

Ignore the fact that this article is about Michael Jackson. Think anout this new Dual DVD/CD format, it allows you to flip over the disc. One side is the track, the other the DVD. I think it's neat, if about 5 years too late. But it will hopefully let people enjoy music videos, something which are generating interest now people have the portable media players.

Personally I'd go further, add a data track to the disc and have all-format versions of the tracks and videos for consumption on all types of media. They could be digitally watermarked if they want to have traceability (no DRM though, as that is evil).

That'd be cool.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Be afraid

Robot Bodybuilder: Alexander Vishnevskiy.

Thanks Tom, now I'm terrified.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I see you're being an annoying shit

How much do I hate the people who set up their website to detect I use Internet Explorer and then tell me I should use something else? So the hell what if I choose to use Internet Explorer? So what if it's a bit crap, so what if Microsoft are the monopoly, so what if they break the rules, and go against your precious standards? Didn't anyone tell you that standards mean nothing? Honestly, look at the DVD+-=/RW nonsense, and the new HD/BluRay arguments? No-one follows standards, they just build equipment that can deal with all of them. It's a consumers world, the user wants something that just works, so get used to it. You'll never shore up the web because not everyone is a freak-geek and actually cares. People like forgiving software.

That said I do accept that IE's handling of CSS is a joke and that they had better get it right with IE7. I will move to Firefox when I feel the time is right. But don't tell me I'm wrong for waiting! Anyway, MySpace is destroying the internet by allowing anyone with no knowledge to make a god-awful website and then "pimp" it. Man, that's a whole other rant, I tell you. "Pimp my site" - like RnB, a crime against soceity.

And It's not going to get better, it's going to get worse. So deal with it. Just because I choose to use something else to look at the web is my choice. Telling me that you don't agree makes me hate you. Seriously, GO AND GET A LIFE. The world would be a better place if you stopped being so preachy, so prejudiced and so biggoted. I don't want to use your websites now, so you lose advertising and money and I hope you disappear off google and that no-one ever talks to you again. Why be so annoying and evangalistic? It won't make you any new friends.

There, I feel better. Now please, no-one look at me unless you're wearing DKNY.

Beware the demolition of house

This record is sounding the death knoll for house. If people are producing this and calling it house, then we know it is destined for the same fate as trance. I'm gonna start listening to breaks...

DJ DLG & Redroche - "On The Run" (original mix).


Friday, January 13, 2006

No, wait...

Quote from my housemate, Kirsty:

"Celebrity Big Brother, man: Bunch. Of. Cock. No, wait, it's not cock, because cock is good.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Terminal Illness

So, anyhow, the pussycat dolls....

Have you heard that song "stickwitu"? Anyone else think it sounds a bit like a terminal illness?

As in, "Oh man, I'm so sorry. I heard you contracted stickwitu. How long do you have left?"

If you listen this song actually becomes a poignant message of hope in the face of such adversity. Listen as she solemnly sings "I got stickwitu forever". Hats off. Have some REEspec'.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Big Brother Cluedo

Radio 1 does Call On Me

The Boys of Radio 1

Hilarious, a must own for 2006!

Where everybody is actually pretty messed up

You know the cheers song?

Do you like it? Does it bring back fond memories?

Do you wish you could go where everybody knows your name?

Have you actually read the complete lyrics?

Dark, aren't they?

Take Stock

My flatmate spent a day boiling a ham bone to make stock.

Now everything I own and eat tastes of bolied ham bone.

Have you any idea how gross it is to bite into a thick white slice of toasted white bread, coated with the final scrapes of your beloved peanut butter at 7.30am, when you've no milk, no cereal, nothing but the final slices of all the food you own in the world, on a day when the next meal is hours away and you're late and starving, just to have a wince chase across your face, a gag reaction to well from your stomach and to have all your taste buds tell you to fuck off simultaneously as you realise with abject horror that the toast you are eating has been irradiated with the stench of the boiled carcass of a devoured pig?

It's pretty fricking gross.

The best new phrase of last year

"Whale Tail"

A descriptive phrase for the times when a girl's thong is visible over the back of her jeans. As in "check out her whale tail".

Whale Tails are hot.

The Fan Site.



So I stayed at the girlfriend's last night, whose radiator is stuck on "incinerate".

Hence I am lightly toasted this morning, having donated a considerable percentage of my cellular water reserves to the condensation on her windows.

Hello 2006

Ok, for those that wondered how New Year's went down - it was a blast. Check out my Midnight Mashup and the new blog: I'm Not Drunk. Why the new blog? Because it'll be funny. All submissions welcome!

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