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Friday, October 01, 2004


This site contains my personal opinions, musings and experiences. What I say here should not be taken to be completely true or reflective of history. Time of posting should be noted, please have an appreciation of circumstance and situation for when the comments were made. What you read may have changed since it was written. I take no responsibility for the accurracy of any information published. All words and pictures unless quoted or cited remain my intellectual property, (c) 2004-2006. Where pictures are used in realtion to a website, the pictures remain the property of their owner, or the link they refer too. I am not responsible for the maintenance or content of any externally linked sites unless otherwise stated. The content, comments and opinions herein do not necessarily represent those of my friends, relatives or employer. Thanks for understanding. Post a comment if you have anything you wish me to take note of, including posts which may be inappropriate or to ask for the removal of pictures or related media - I will consider your justifications and act accordingly.


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